• Jonathan Askonas
    Jonathan Askonas, Director of Undergraduate Studies International relations, foreign policy, Russia, national security, technology and war
  • Dennis Coyle
    Dennis Coyle Constitutional law and Supreme Court, liberal democracy, American and French political culture and thought, Catholic Social Thought
  • Nicholas Dujmovic
    Nicholas Dujmovic Intelligence studies, CIA history, accountability of intelligence
  • Matthew Green
    Matthew Green, Chair American political institutions, U.S. elections, state and local politics
  • Jakub Grygiel
    Jakub Grygiel, Director of Graduate Studies International relations, grand strategy, alliance politics, Europe
  • Dorle Hellmuth
    Dorle Hellmuth Comparative politics, international relations, counter-terrorism, European politics, homeland security, foreign policy
  • Justin Litke
    Justin Litke American political thought, history of political theory, US exceptionalism, foreign policy
  • Maryann Cusimano Love
    Maryann Cusimano Love International relations, peacebuilding, religious freedom
  • David Walsh
    David Walsh Political theory, liberal democracy, philosophical revolution of modern world
  • John Kenneth White
    John Kenneth White The American party system and the U.S. presidency, values and voting
  • Andrew Yeo
    International relations, East Asian regionalism, U.S. grand strategy, narratives and discourse, civil society, Korean politics

Emeritus and Part-Time Faculty

  • Lee Edwards
    Lee Edwards American conservatism, political leadership, politics of the 60s
  • Phillip Henderson
    Phillip Henderson The U.S. Presidency, political leadership, U.S. national institutions
  • James Quirk
    James Quirk International relations, comparative politics, global political economy 
  • Diana Rich
    Diana Rich Director of Capitol Hill Programs
  • Joan Barth Urban Contemporary Russian politics, Cold War history, comparative governments