Center for the Study of Statesmanship

The Center for the Study of Statesmanship promotes research, teaching, and public discussion about the meaning of statesmanship and how it can defuse conflict and foster respectful foreign and domestic relations. The Center explores the sources and prerequisites of sound leadership and how to counter such influences as intemperance and blinding ideology.

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The Institute for Human Ecology

The Institute for Human Ecology (IHE) at The Catholic University of America is the nation’s leading academic institute committed to increasing scientific understanding of the economic, cultural, and social conditions vital for human flourishing. The mission of the IHE is to educate students, sponsor multidisciplinary and social scientific research, advise Church leadership and policy-makers, and organize symposia, conferences, and lectures for the academy and the public square. 

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Institute for Policy Research

The Catholic University of America’s Institute for Policy Research [IPR] is an interdisciplinary policy research center whose fellows, scholars, research associates, and students provide timely analysis of policy issues relevant to the life of the Church, the University, legislators, scholars, professionals, and concerned citizens, including the media. IPR provides an interdisciplinary forum that welcomes and encourages participation and active collaboration among scholars, professionals and experts from a variety of disciplines, institutions and faith traditions. 

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