The study of politics is a classical discipline, one that combines art and science. It inherits a great tradition reaching back into antiquity, and yet it applies itself to current problems of public policy, citizenship, and world affairs.

At The Catholic University of America, Politics is among the most popular of the University’s many graduate fields of study. The department’s proximity to national and international policy making in Washington accounts for some of this popularity, but so too does the program’s unique combined emphasis on books and ideas in the context of thorough analysis of politics in the contemporary world.

We offer a range of graduate programs, all of which feature small class sizes and close working relationships with the faculty.  The master's degree is offered for concentrations in American government, world politics (comprising both international relations and comparative politics), and political theory.  Our joint B.A./M.A. program allows students to receive both degrees in five years, and students who are qualified may also pursue a combined J.D./M.A. in conjunction with the Columbus School of Law.  An extremely competitive Ph.D. program provides advanced specialization and training in American government, political theory, or world politics.