Politics Minor

Students who major in another discipline may also decide to pursue a minor in politics. The politics minor requires completion of the three introductory courses (POL 111, POL 112, and POL 211); two courses in one of the three concentrations (American, world, or theory); and one additional politics course.

Politics Pre-Law Minor

The Department of Politics offers a minor in Politics/Pre-Law to students not majoring in Politics. Those interested should contact the program coordinator, Dr. Justin Litke, for advising and apply to join the minor with this form from the School of Arts and Sciences.

Pre-law minor students take any two out of the three introductory Politics courses (POL 111, POL 112, or POL 211) and POL 220: Introduction to Law and Politics. After these three, students take two law-related courses at the 300 or 400 level, including at least one semester of Constitutional Law (323 and/or 324). Other offerings vary from year to year, and may include courses such as POL 404: Law and Morality or POL 477: Principles of the American Founding. Please consult with Dr. Litke and the department for a current list. The sixth course in the pre-law minor should be a 400-level law-related seminar, usually in the senior year. POL 407A: The Supreme Court or other like courses are typical; other courses are possible with approval of the Pre-Law program coordinator.

Certificate in Intelligence Studies

The Politics department offers an interdisciplinary Certificate in Intelligence Studies for students who seek a deeper understanding of the mysterious world of intelligence.  It seeks to bridge the widely-recognized gap between what new employees in the Intelligence community should know and what they typically do know.

Students in the program must complete three intelligence courses (starting with Introduction to American Intelligence), plus three elective intelligence-related courses, one of which must be from outside the Politics major. For detailed requirements, click here. To learn more about the department's intelligence program, click here.

Students are not allowed to undertake both the Certificate in Intelligence Studies and a Minor in Politics.