Three intelligence courses are required, usually taken in the following order:

  • POL 260 - Introduction to American Intelligence
  • POL 435 - Cyber Intel or 468 Counterintelligence or 339 Contending Views of US Intel 
  • POL 471 - Issues in Contemporary US Intelligence (spring only; POL 260 is prerequisite)

In addition, the certificate requires three electives, one of which must be from outside the Politics Department. The following list reflects existing intelligence or intelligence-related courses from which students may select electives. It may be modified by the program director as courses are added or dropped.  

  • CSC 107 - Intro to Computer Security (fall)  or CSC 108 Computer Security & Privacy
  • PSY 251 - Psychology of Terrorism (fall) or SOC 320 Terrorism & Counterterrorism (spring)1
  • LSC 324/524 - Actionable Intelligence – Information Analysis and Communication (fall)
  • LSC 433/633 - Information Retrieval & Analysis Strategies (spring)
  • LSC 527 - Introduction to Data Science
  • POL 339 - Contending Views on US Intelligence, from Truman to Reagan (fall)
  • POL 412A - Homeland Security (fall)
  • POL 435 - Cyber Intelligence and US Policy (spring)
  • POL 468 - US Counterintelligence: Operations and Controversies (fall)
  • POL 472 - National Security Processes (a fall course when offered)
  • XCSI 500S - Cambridge Security Initiative – Intelligence & Security (summer abroad)

Depending on the availability of qualified adjunct instructors, students may also select their electives from courses focused more directly on intelligence that may be added in the future; so far these are notional courses that do not yet exist:

  • POL 3xx - Comparative Foreign Intelligence Services
  • POL 3xx - Critical Intelligence Thinking and Writing for Policymakers
  • POL 4xx - Intelligence in US Foreign Policymaking
  • HIST 2xx - Intelligence in the Ancient World
  • PSY 3xx - Assessing Foreign Leaders
  • CSC 3xx - Cryptography and Steganography For Non-engineers (currently CSC 581)

1The U. of Haifa summer course “Terrorism and Response” can fulfill this elective option.

Requirement for Non-Politics Majors

Students who are not Politics majors must choose ONE of the following courses as an additional requirement for completing the Certificate (this may be completed as a distribution requirement or a general elective):

  • POL 111 - (Introduction to American Government)
  • POL 112 - (Introduction to Comparative Politics)
  • POL 212 - (Introduction to International Relations)

Students are not allowed to undertake both the Certificate in Intelligence Studies and a Minor in Politics.