London, the largest urban area in England, has been an important settlement for almost two millennia, dating back to the Roman invasion of Britain. With it's rich history and cultural, political, and economical influence, it can easily be considered the capital of the western world. Many famous sites, including Big Ben, Tower Bridge, and the British Museum, make it a must-see on any traveler's checklist, and an ideal place to live and learn.

CUA students will have the opportunity to work with a Member of Parliament (M.P.) in the British Parliament, located in Westminster.  This highly competitive program is designed for upper undergraduates or graduate students with a strong background in Politics and Political Science.


Students live in program sponsored housing paid for by CUA. Typically, these are furnished flats or international student residence halls in the city located within about a 30-40 minute commuting distance from Westminster.


Students enroll in a 6-credit internship seminar, along with three additional courses, for a total of 15 credits that will be applied toward their degrees. One course is taught remotely by a Catholic University professor, while the other three are taught on site. Courses and equivalencies are as follows:

  • London Placement = POL 495C British Parliamentary Internship (6 credits), Anglo Educational Services on-site seminar
  • London The Growth of a Modern World City = HUMM 101TR (3 credits), Birkbeck, University of London on-site course
  • Britain and Europe in a Global Perspective, POL 441 (3 credits), Catholic University on-site course
  • British Politics, POL 442A (3 credits), Catholic University remote course