Course Number Course Title Concentration Second Concentration
111 Intro to American Government* American Government
112 Intro to Comparative Politics* World Politics
202 European Politics World Politics
211 Intro to Political Theory* Political Theory
212 Intro to International Relations World Politics
220 Introduction to Law and Politics American Government
226 Intro to Peace Studies* World Politics
230 Politics and the Media: An American-Global Perspective World Politics American Government
260 Introduction to American Intelligence American Government World Politics
270 Special Topics in Politics Varies by Topic
301 Intro Public Administration, Governance, and Public Service American Government
302 Contemporary Issues of U.S. Policy American Government
303 The Politics of China World Politics
304 Religion, Politics, and Globalization in China World Politics
307 Global Issues World Politics
307A Refugees and Political Crises World Politics
308 Transnational Politics World Politics
309 Politics in the Age of Trump American Government
310 The US Presidency American Government
310A Islam and the Modern World World Politics
312 The Civil Rights Movement American Government World Politics
313 Urban Gov. and Politics American Government
314 American Ethnic Politics American Government
316 The Congress American Government
317 American Public Opinion American Government
319 Democracy and Politics in Classical Athens Political Theory
321 Mass Media Law and Ethics American Government
322 Federalists and Anti-Federalists American Government
323 Constitutional Law I American Government
324 Constitutional Law II American Government
325 The Future of Europe World Politics
326 Politics in the Middle East World Politics
327 Nationalism and Islam World Politics
328 Catholic Social Teaching and Global Politics World Politics
329 Israel and World Politics World Politics
331 Islam and Politics in the Modern World World Politics
332 Republic or Empire: Ideas and Practice in American Foreign Policy World Politics American and Theory
333 Democracy and Democratization American Government World Politics
337 Security Studies World Politics
337A Cybersecurity World Politics American Government
338 The Art of the Interview American Government
339 Contending Views on US Intelligence from Truman to Reagan American Government World Politics
340 Introduction to Intelligence Analysis & Estimation American Government World Politics
342 British Government and Politics World Politics
343 Italian Politics (Rome) World Politics
344 Brazil in World Affairs World Politics
350 Latin American Politics World Politics
351 The French Colonial Project World Politics
356 Contemporary Islamic Political Theory World Politics
357 Plato's Other Works Political Theory
359 Ancient and Medieval Political Thought Political Theory
360 Modern Political Thought Political Theory
361 American Politics in Film American Government
363 Politics of the 60s American Government
364 Thucydides: War and Strategy World Politics
365 Post-Cold War Interventionism in US Foreign Policy World Politics
366 Democracy in Elections in France & US World Politics American Government
367 France, Germany, and the EU World Politics
369 Politics of the 80's American Government
372 Politics and Culture in France and the United States World Politics American Government
376 US Foreign Policy Perspectives in the 21st Century World Politics
400 American Political Parties American Government
400A U.S. Foreign Policy in the Middle East World Politics
400B Comparative Politics in the Middle East World Politics
401 Media and American Politics American Government
402 The Values Divide: American Politics and Culture in Transition American Government
403 Person and Common Good Political Theory
403A Tocqueville's Political Thought Political Theory
404 Law and Morality Political Theory
405 National Elections American Government
405A Constitutional Democracy in Theory and Practice American Government Political Theory
406 Environment and Development World Politics
406A Seminar: Voegelin Political Theory
407 U.S. Political Leadership to 1912 American Government
407A The Supreme Court American Government
408 Congressional Leadership American Government
409 Christian Political Thought Political Theory
410 American Political Thought I Political Theory American Government
410A Modern Christian Political Thought Political Theory
411 American Political Thought II Political Theory American Government
412A Homeland Security American Government World Politics
413A Power in American Politics American Government
414 The Arab-Israeli Conflict World Politics
415 Security in the Information Age World Politics
416 American Federalism American Government
417 Classic Political Thought Political Theory
419 Interest Groups and American Politics American Government
420 Contemporary Issues in Congress American Government
421 US Midterm Elections American Government
422 20th-Century French Political Thought Political Theory
423 Politics and Military Strategy World Politics
424 Contemporary Issues in State and Local Gov. American Government
425 Liberalism and Its Critics Political Theory
427 US Leadership Since 1912 American Government
428 Conservatism and American Politics American Government Political Theory
429 Native Peoples, Environment and Religions World Politics
431 Classics of International Relations World Politics
431A East Asian Security World Politics
433 Russian Foreign Policy World Politics
435 Cyber Intelligence and US Policy World Politics
436 US, China and International Relations of East Asia World Politics
437 Countering Terrorists and Radicals World Politics
441 Britain and Europe in the Global Perspective World Politics
442 French Liberal Thought and Politics Political Theory
442A British Politics World Politics
443 Politics of Overseas Bases and American Empire World Politics
445 US Foreign Policy World Politics American Government
445A Contemporary Issues in the UK World Politics
446 European Integration World Politics
448 Religion and World Politics World Politics
449 Eastern and Central Europe World Politics
450 Public International Law World Politics
451 Legislating Heritage: Domestic Law and International Conventions World Politics
453 Constitutional Theory and Interpretation American Government Political Theory
454 Comparative Foreign Policy World Politics
455 American Political Development American Government
456 Congress and Foreign Policy American Government
457 War in the Modern World World Politics
458 The Media and Foreign Policy World Politics
459 Human Rights Politics in Asia World Politics
460 International Conflict Resolution World Politics
460A Grand Strategies of War and Peace World Politics

Advanced International Relations Seminar

World Politics
463 Advanced Studies in Congress American Government
465 American Political Culture American Government
467 Craft of Intelligence American Government World Politics
468 US Counterintelligence Operations and Controversies American Government World Politics
469 Terrorism, Counterterrorism and Civil Liberties after 9/11: European and U.S. Approaches World Politics
470 Korea in World Politics World Politics
471 Issues in Contemporary US Intelligence American Government World Politics
472 National Security Processes American Government
473 International Political Economy World Politics
474 Topics in International Political Economy World Politics
475 Advanced Special Topics in Politics Varies by Topic
476 Politics and Literature Political Theory
477 Political Theory of the American Framing Political Theory American Government
478 Environmental Politics American Government
479 Advanced Topics in Public Law American Government
480 Critical Political Theory Political Theory
492 Undergraduate Direct Readings Varies by Topic
494 Undergraduate Independent Internship Varies by Topic
495 London Parliament Internship World Politics
495A Congressional Internship Varies with Internship
495B Washington Internship Varies with Internship
495C British Parliamentary Internship World Politics
496A Senior Honors Thesis Varies by Topic
496B Senior Honors Thesis Varies by Topic
498A Undergraduate Comps
498B Undergraduate Senior Paper
HSSS 101 Person and Community in the Social Sciences Political Theory
HSSS 102 Economic Reasoning and Social Science Political Theory
HSEV 204 Environmental Politics and Policy American Government World Politics

*This is a foundational course